Introducing - MyContainerGym

The Next Generation of Gyms

"The Gym in a Box" - Private and fully customizable workout facilities in portable shipping containers

Personalized and Flexible

Your 20 foot shipping container can be configured with 1 or 2 private gyms, can operate on or off the power grid and comes in a variety of highly customized configurations

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For Your Home or Office

MyContainerGym is the perfect solution for your home or office. If you want to make additional income from your new gym, it is a perfect way to launch your own personal training studio!

For Fitness Centers

MyContainerGym is a great way to provide your existing - and potential client base - full featured workout facilities without compromising social distancing.  Te perfect way to introduce new members to your gym before going into bigger classes or crowded free weight areas. Since our containers are fully customizable, you can even repurpose idle equipment.  We'll fabricate easy mounting points for your specific equipment!

For Hotels and Residential Communities

MyContainerGym gives you an unprecedented way to keep fitness facilities viable on your property, while giving you an unmatched competitive distinction in your market.  The portable and standalone features of MyContainerGym also make it great for places that don't have adequate space for workout facilities.

Hunter McIntyre's Review of the My Container Gym

How It Works

  • Full Featured Gyms

    Each MyContainerGym is configured to operate as one or two separate private gyms - fully equipped for your total body workout.

  • On/Off Grid Operation

    For the quickest deployment possible, MyContainerGym can be deployed as a standalone unit without the need for street power or can be plugged in to your existing electrical service.

  • Flexible

    Pick from one or two separate gyms or even customize your interior to best fit your clients and equipment you might already own.

  • Great for All Climates

    MyContainerGym is available as an outdoor gym utilizing both indoor and outdoor space or as a fully air-conditioned exercise oasis with optional glass walls.

  • Get YOUR Workout

    Recent changes in how gyms operate can make a workout frustrating.  Lines for equipment and social distance requirements can force you to slow or alter your workout - if you can even get in in the first place!  MyContainerGym solves that problem - all of the equipment is yours alone during your workout - whenever you want!

  • Maintain Distance

    Social Distancing is hard when you work out in a shared gym.  MyContainerGym solves that problem, making sure you stay safe and focus on your workout.

  • Customize

    The standard MyContainerGym is configured for full body workouts.   Our customization options allow you to add exciting additional capabilities like spin bikes, rowers,  yoga, and more.  With the optional projector you can even livestream classes!

Supporting Your Health or Business Journey

MyContainerGym has developed a real community to provide you the support you need.
Financing Available

MyContainerGym can arrange in-house financing to get you up and running today.

Real Support

Once you have selected your ideal equipment our partner experts will help you develop comprehensive workouts.

Flexible Design

With a full fabrication facility the sky is the limit when it comes to design.