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Hello 2021

Hello 2021, You are finally here!

A new year has finally arrived and the memes of good-bye to 2020 are everywhere! It was a tough year and we can't just sugar coat it either. A global pandemic that brought loss of life, financial despair to many and isolation. Social distancing has become part of our everyday language and wearing a mask is mandatory in many places.

Trying to see anything positive about 2020 can be a challenge to many, myself included. I personally had to deal with having blood clots in my leg, depression, anxiety, and fear. However, I do have a few things that helped me through and I know I will continue with in 2021!

The creation of MyContainerGym wouldn't have happened, but coming up with the idea, we have realized there is a need for this type of gym beyond COVID-19 reasons. We want to bring fitness to many more. To people that just don't like working out in front of others, parents that can't seem to find the time to get to the gym and just the general convenience of having a gym at home.

Also, COVID-19 has brought health and fitness to the forefront for many people that it wasn't part of their lives before. As a trainer, I try to get the message out that everyone needs to exercise, because it is about so much more than weightloss and looking good in a swimsuit. People are now understanding the greater impacts of being physically healthy can have on your life, regardless of what size you are. People have taken fitness outside, getting in touch with nature and bringing their entire families into living a healthy lifestyle. That is so exciting for me to see!

On a more personal level, it has brought me some new exercise partners. I now virtually workout with my dad and my niece and none of us live in the same city! I take treadmill classes with my dad and spin classes with my niece. Starting this week I will even be teaching my sister yoga virtually. It is so exciting to be able to connect with my family this way and I don't think we would have taken the time to do this before.

Saying 2020 was a challenge does not even begin to describe it, but I have done what I can to see some positive outcomes and I hope you can find some too!