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Start Your Own Personal Training Studio!

To all of the personal trainers and aspiring personal trainers! Wouldn't it be so amazing to run your own studio? Set your own rules, standards and core values. Not be restricted by big corporations and aggressive sales tactics, while also being able to set your own hours and train the clients you want to train. I know that is what I wanted when I started my own studio!

MyContainerGym is a cost effective way to start your own studio without enormous upfront cost and get you on the way to making revenue right away.

When I decided to become a personal trainer I knew I would want to run my own studio. The corporate politics, sales tactics and grueling hours with low pay where not for me.

Luckily, I live in a location where I can run a studio out of my garage. I invested ~$20,000 in equipment to outfit my 400 square foot garage. This was long before Covid-19 had changed our world and so you might wonder why people would come to my garage instead of the many gyms around. What I learned is that people appreciate the privacy, not having to pay gym membership dues and always having a private parking space out front! Having a place to workout that offers privacy is very important to many people.

So what prevents more people from starting their own training studios? The significant time and costs to find a place to rent and then buildout make it prohibitive for many people. How can MyContainerGym solve this? We provide an entire gym to you and deliver it to your door completely set up and ready to go at a fraction of the cost and sent to you in about 3-4 weeks!

How can MyContainerGym provide adequate space for training people? I have switched to training people out of containers recently and what I have personally found is that 1 container (160sqft) works just as well as may 400sqft garage! Even when I am training 3 people at the same time, we have the doors open and have plenty of space to workout within and just outside of the container. It also prevents over purchasing of equipment. Good luck renting out a studio less than 1000sqft and then filling it with less than $20,000 of equipment!

Below you will find a comparison table of what it takes to purchase a MyContainerGym vs renting a studio space and building it out to a gym. 

Contact MyContainerGym today to get start making your dream of running a personal training studio a reality! One month from today you could be working independently and running your very own business!