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Stress and Exercise: Why You Should Workout in a Stress Free Environment

Stress and Exercise: Why You Should Workout in a Stress Free Environment

Most people understand the benefits of exercise, with one of them being stress reduction. What happens though when the place that you normally go to relieve stress actually ends up causing more stress and anxiety!

Stress can cause a variety of physical ailments, not just mental anxiety. Our sleep is reduced, our body aches, resting heart rate is elevated and it can even be a contributing factor to weight gain. To combat this, many of us head to the gym or yoga studio first thing in the morning or after a long day, to unwind. You can even feel the tension start to fade just by walking in the door. It is your respite and your time to take care of your body, which also takes care of your mind. What does it feel like now though? Slight heart rate elevation every time someone stands too close? Annoyance for waiting in line or not being able to use the equipment you want?

Obviously MyContainerGym solves that problem, because you have everything you need all to yourself, but let's have a brief overview of what happens to the body when you are already mentally stressed and then you workout hard. The physiological stress is the same in the body when you are mentally stressed or working out at high intensity. So basically you pile stress on top of stress, because you didn’t have a mental break while you put your body under heavy physical stress. This in-turn leads to even poorer quality sleep and higher levels of daily stress.

Here are some tips in how to cultivate a stress free workout environment as well as how to workout after a stressful day:

Reducing stress is vital in living a more balanced life. Reducing stress helps you sleep better, perform better, stay healthier at many levels and most of all it can help you to remain more calm and focused in otherwise anxiety driven circumstances. So let's bring your focus to building a stress free workout environment and also learning when to “work-in” versus “working-out”.




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