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The Gyms are Open.....but.....

The Gyms are Open, but…….

I have made the decision not to go to big gyms anymore. I am immunocompromised and it's just not worth it.

I have trained in big gyms since I was 5. My parents had a membership at the YMCA and my sisters and I would tag along, me doing gymnastics or we would sneak into an empty racket ball court while my dad was playing with his friends. My mom taught aerobics at the local Girls Club – correction, she taught Jazzersize from a cassette tape – yes I am that old!

As I got older and times were financially tough, we didn’t go to the gym anymore, but I didn’t lose my passion for fitness. I took whatever I could at school, joined after school sports or would go running. Once I was old enough I bought my own gym membership and here I am, 40 years after setting my foot into the gym for the first time, wondering “Should I go back to the big gyms”. After all, this is the year 2020 and the entire country and most of the world has been on lock down for 2 months or more due to the virus COVID-19. Gyms will open in Houston on May 18th, but what will that look like?

Luckily, I also have an amazing home gym. I am a health and fitness coach and have been working with clients out of my garage for years. However, true to most people, you need to get out of the house and away from your job, so I would still go to bigger gyms for my own training a majority of the time.

 As I said above, I have decided it is not worth the risk. The gyms aren’t the same either. Social distancing is required, capacity is limited to 25%, they aren’t equipped in a way that everyone will have their own equipment and you have to wear full gloves. What exactly am I paying for at these gyms?

This brings us to MyContainerGym! Seeing a need for those who are immunocompromised, have time constraints or just don’t like working out in public environments, we decided to find a way to bring a gym to you to have a safe, clean and private workout. No sharing of equipment, no social distancing required, because, well, you get the space to yourself or one friend/family member!

We began with prototypes of gyms out of shipping containers that can be delivered directly to your door! With a minimal footprint, you can have your own home gym with everything you need and the added bonus of being able to rent it to others in your community.

Benefits of MyContainerGym: The exposure to others and viruses is greatly reduced and social distancing isn’t required, but here are a few more great reasons to have your own MyContainerGym!




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