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Keeping your business going during this unprecedented time is a challenge. 

MyContainerGym was born out of a necessity to continue providing training space while respecting social distancing and providing a safe environment for clients.  Each 20-foot shipping container can be configured as either 2 separate training spaces each designed to provide a total body workout experience or as a single workout space complete with all of your resistance training needs and cardio machines of your choice.

Inside MyContainerGym

We are committed to helping other small businesses.  Almost 90% of the workout equipment in MyContainerGym is provided by Houston-based GetRx’d.  All components of MyContainerGym – from the flooring to the bumper plates – are professional grade and top of the line.

Click HERE for full equipment technical specs.

    Available options include:

    • Solar kit for off-the-grid operation
    • Electrical connection for on-grid operation
    • Air Conditioning
    • Access Control

    Additionally we can customize the equipment in the Container Gym to your exact specifications.

    At even the most modest hourly rental fees payback for your MyContainerGym can be as short as 6 month with 50% utilization.  What's even more - we also offer convenient Financing for those  who qualify.

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