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Just some of the equipment in MyContainerGym

When we set out to design the first MyContainerGym we knew we needed a strong centerpiece around which we could build the rest of the gym.  The heart of a standard MyContainerGym is the GetRx’d Titan wall-mount folding squat rack (a rig you can use for a lot more than just squats!). Why did we pick the incredibly versatile Titan? Well:

  • The signature Titan rig is 11-gauge 3" x 3" uprights, making this rack compatible with most Titan Rig accessories, such as the dip horn, plate sleeves, spotter arms, and more.  A 7-gauge pull up bar and two Titan J-Cups complete this flexible and space-saving rack. 
  • It’s compact design has the added bonus pushing flat against the wall and out of your way! A pull-up bar is attached and it works just as well for bench press as it does for squats.
  • To make this space saving rack even more efficient we have included a lat pulley-system! A cable attachment that mounts on the pull-up bar allows you to perform some of your favorite cable exercises without the bulk of a separate machine: just load your bumper plates onto a steel pin and then attach to the provided cable to perform lat pull down, tricep push-push down, cable bicep curls and more!

 The standard MyContainerGym also includes:

  • Bumper Plates: with virgin/hard rubber content and a stainless steel insert.
  • Barbells: 20kg/45lb Olympic barbell, Hard Chrome Coating, 190k PSI Tensile Strength, 28mm Olympic Handles.
  • 5kg Mini Lifter: Why include a kid’s barbell? 2 reasons: First, the barbell holds the standard bumper plates and up to a total of 40lbs. This allows you to get all of those lighter weight barbell exercises without having a full preloaded barbell stack! Second, we want to kids started while they are young! Made from aluminum and features a light knurl pattern for a comfortable grip
  • Rubber Hex dumbells: Contoured and knurled handles. Hex design to prevent rolling. From 5 lbs to all the way to 50lbs – a complete set!
  • Kettle Bells: Color coded handles, wide flat machine base, matte black powder coat finish, single solid piece casting. From 9lbs to 50lbs!
  • Wall balls: Double-stitched exterior and reinforced materials keeps the medicine balls and wall balls round, firm, and balanced! Materials are anti-bacterial, anti-mold, fire-resistant, and water-resistant shell, double-stitching, and added reinforcements underneath the surface. From 6lbs to 30lbs
  • Stroops VITL Kit: Stoops motto is “Training at the Speed of Life”. It certainly is one of the most versatile accessories we’ve seen and with its snap proof design and premium materials there is no need to worry about over-stretching or snapping.  Our Stroops Kit includes 4 36″ Medium Slastix straps, 2 Textured Grip Handles, 2 Foot Straps, 1 Swivel Belt, 2 Cloth Anchors, and 5 Agility Dots.
  • Slam Balls: There is nothing more satisfying than picking something up and slamming it back down! From 10lb to 30lb!
  • 3-in-1 Soft Foam plybox: Each side is color-coded according to the three heights for each box. 16”x20”x24” weight 40lbs.
  • Battle Rope: 100% Poly Dacron material with reinforced shrink wrap handles. 1.5” diameter and 30’.
  • Flooring: Multiple options, from ½” imperable mats to roll-out rubber flooring. No matter which you choose it will be cut to securely fit your MyContainerGym.
  • TRX: “Let Your Body be Your Machine” The TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer is armed with commercial-grade rubber handles, easily adjustable barrel-locks and a locking carabiner to keep your investment safe and secure.
  • Xebex brand cardio equipment (optional): Rowers, air bikes, curve treadmill, ski trainer, vertical climber, and punching bags are all options for you to choose from!