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MyContainerGym is the most flexible self contained workout space on the market.  Neatly packed in a 20-foot ocean shipping container, MyContainerGym is versatile enough for any application.

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For Fitness Centers

Keeping your business going during this unprecedented time is a challenge. 

MyContainerGym was born out of a necessity to continue providing training space while respecting social distancing and providing a safe environment for clients.  Each 20-foot shipping container can be configured as either 2 separate training spaces each designed to provide a total body workout experience or as a single workout space complete with all of your resistance training needs and cardio machines of your choice.

For Multi-Tenant

Whether you own a hotel, multi-tenant office building, apartment complex, or HOA COVID-19 has impacted your ability to provide the perks and benefits your clients expect.  As life adjusts to our "new normal" your clients and stakeholders will begin to demand a solution to the benefits you previously provided. With our upcoming product, "MyContainerGym Mini", hotels will be able to deliver a fully equipped workout container directly to your guests rooms. About the size of a personal valet rack, your guest will have all the equipment they need for a great in-room workout!

For Your Home Or Office

Getting professional workouts at home is becoming more and more popular.  Whether it is for better social distancing or you just like the privacy you certainly aren't alone!  Not everybody wants to give up their garage or a spare bedroom for a full gym (or even has one!).  My Container Gym is the perfect solution - you get the exact equipment you need for a full body workout with a workout program tailored just for you all literally in a box.  Just cut a few ties loose and you are ready to workout!


For Personal Training Studios

MyContainerGym is a fantastic option for anybody wanting to start your own personal training studio! You own the studio/gym; you don't have to build a complex studio. As a result, you have significant cost savings in operating your own studio in the container vs. leasing a building to operate. See more benefits here.