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MyContainerGym was dreamed up by April Coker and Adam Dillaplain at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Both were seeking a way to provide more private and safe workout space.  After looking at abandoned auto shops, plastic workout "pods" and building workout stalls in a large warehouse they had the idea to put the gym in a portable shipping container.  After months of experimentation, and lots of mistakes, MyContainerGym was born.  The first prototypes were used to allow friends and family to continue getting much needed exercise during lockdowns.

Today MyContainerGym is not only an option for those wanting secluded or private space to workout, but also people looking for privacy while working out, a gym at home, or mobile gym solutions.

We are proudly based in Texas, USA.  


April is committed to helping people live their happiest and healthiest lives, with a solid backing of science. She is the owner of Core Theory Fitness - Personal Training & Yoga Studio, and has more than 20 years of fitness expertise with award-winning coaches and gurus and is passionate about wellness, nutrition, fitness and health. April draws inspiration from friends who have exercised almost daily for decades and today are rewarded with the mobility to do whatever they want, despite being in their 80s!

From her realization that almost all big gyms, specialty gyms and even boutique gyms do not actually cater to the Gen-X and the Boomers in a progressive way (even the injured Millennials!), April decided to open her own studio.

She is a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise Science®, Certified 200hr Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga with IYT, 200hr RYT with yoga alliance, a Sports Nutrition Specialist and certified Physique Coach. Understanding the intertwining relationship between health, nutrition and fitness, April works closely with a network of registered dietitians, physical therapist and doctors.
If she isn’t experimenting with newfound workouts, using her spouse Didi as a ‘guinea pig', she enjoys keeping up with scientific research papers on the latest in fitness and nutrition. April enjoys jogging with her dogs, weightlifting, cycling, hiking, yoga and was a Houston-based amateur boxer. 

April's inspirations include Rabih Laz (IFBB Bodybuilder), Nicole Wilkins (IFBB Figure and Fitness), and Dr. Layne Norton (Powerlifter).

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Fun Facts about April:

1. April appeared on TapouT Magazine Issue 37 while she was training in Las Vegas, alongside UFC champions!
2. She has trained under international body builder Rabih Laz and 4-time Ms. Olympia Nicole Wilkins. 
3. Is also a certified rescue scuba diver!


Adam's background is in technology.  He's a 25 year veteran of the Internet

Service Provider, Web Hosting, and Data Center Construction/Operation space (with a few steps along the way!). 

When he's not doing internet stuff Adam is an enthusiastic cycler and involved in the Texas MS-150 bike ride among others.